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Hormones and the Skin Microbiome

I know that it might sound crazy that the body lotion you are using may be 
contributing to your PMS, but did you know that what we put on our skin can
affect our hormones? Parabens are a group of chemicals found in some
cosmetics, body creams, hair products and sunscreens. They can be absorbed
through the skin and some parabens have hormone-disrupting properties, which
have been linked to an increase in the hormone oestrogen. High oestrogen levels
can contribute to premenstrual syndrome, sore breasts, heavy periods, fibroids
and there is also a link with oestrogen dominant cancers too. Supporting
oestrogen dominance is one of my main goals when working with clients with
any hormonal issues in my Nutrition + herbal medicine clinic. I ensure to look at
what they are putting into their body through diet but what they are putting ON
to their body is also key too - this why our skin care is so important!

The aim is to limit your exposure to chemicals + toxins by choosing products
labelled ‘paraben-free’ (other words you will see are ‘phthalate free or silicone
free’). The Sásta Microbiome Skin Serum is paraben free and also contains Ectoin,
a postbiotic, that helps to slow down the growth of harmful bacteria. So it will
support skin health, while also keeping your hormones happy too!

Another area that is impacted by exposure to harmful toxins + chemicals is our
gut health. As we already know from last month's blog post on the Gut + Skin
Connection, our skin also massively impacts the health of our gut microbiome.
Our skin is the largest organ in the body and like our gut, it also has its own skin
microbiome too i.e. healthy bacteria that supports everything from our immune
system, to our mood, to detoxification. If we are constantly exposing our skin to
toxins + chemicals i.e. from our skin care, this will have a knock on effect on the
health of our gut! While most people think of digestion when we talk about gut
health, one area that is completely overlooked is the production of our happy
hormones as 95% of the body's happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in the
intestine. The gut microbiome also produces dopamine (pleasure hormone),
oxytocin (love hormone) and endorphins (feel good hormones), so in other
words a happy gut means a happy mind!

For tips on supporting skin + gut health, make sure to read part 1 Gut + Skin

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Aisling Fox (AOK Nutrition)