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Julie O Sullivan

Julie O’Sullivan is a postdoctoral researcher with APC Microbiome Ireland. APC Microbiome Ireland is an SFI-funded research centre at University College Cork. Her research investigates the skin microbiome – that is the communities of bacteria that live on our skin. She is also self confessed obsessed with all things skin health!

Dr Brian O Rourke

Dr Brian O Rourke is a full-time lecturer and researcher in the Institute of Technology, Carlow for over 20 years. He holds a PhD in physical chemistry and has dedicated his work and research to human dermatology.

Grainne Callaghan

Grainne Callaghan is the owner of River Skincare, an Irish online skin consultancy and education service. Grainne has worked in education since completing her BA(hons) in 2009. Grainne’s professional goal is to raise industry standards and instil her passion for skin health and knowledge in others. Her area of expertise is education and skincare combined, having worked as a CIDESCO tutor as the Head of education for a successful Irish skincare brand. Grainne is trained in 42 skincare brands, is CIDESCO and CIBTAC certified and prides herself on her dept of knowledge in all things skin and skincare. “I adore my area of work and strive to constantly grow in an ever-changing industry. I don’t know it all, but I want to”

Aisling Fox

Aisling Fox is a nutritional therapist, naturopath, the owner of AOK Nutrition and the creator of The Bridal Box. She has a passion for all things nutrition and her area of expertise is in female hormones, health and wellbeing. She started her studies in 2012 and in 2016 she set up her own clinic in Portmarnock Co Dublin.