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Sásta Skin Health Microbiome Booster Serum

If your skin could talk, what would it ask you? The most common answers are:

“Protect me”

“Restore me”

“Maintain me”  

At Sásta, the answer is always simplicity, allowing nature to do the restoring.

Sásta Skin Health Microbiome Booster Serum  - A daily supplement for your skin.

Based on an innovative, emerging, scientific good bacteria revolution, Sásta Microbiome Booster Serum is, formulated to improve  and support  the  general health and well-being of the skin. 

We improve the skins first line of defence,  which in turn will decrease the level of inflammation the skin experiences daily from the outside  world

The Microbiome Booster Serum targets skin conditions such as:

  • Premature Ageing
  • Irregular Pigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Sensitivity
  • Skin Dehydration

Our lightweight, easily absorbed formulation includes a blend of prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients to optimise skin health by:

  • Protecting the skin through strengthening our skin’s defensive barrier
  • Restoring the skin by supporting the skins natural pH
  • Maintaining the skin by defending against attack by external agents